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Yalu River Art Museum——“Slowly” Coffee


Located on the riverside of the square of the Yalu River Art Museum, “Slowly”is a cafe house by day, a whiskey bar by night, and an art shop inside.


The elegant, quiet and artistic environment reveals the spirit and cultural temperament of the museum. It not only provides a place for tourists to stop and rest, but an academic exchange place for artists to create and think as well.


The public art sculpture, Wang Luyan's 《Sawing or being sawed?》, is on display in the square. It was presented to the museum by the collector, Kao Yunqi.


The Yalu River Art Museum is only 500 meters away from North Korea. While enjoying a cup of coffee, you could admire the sculpture 《Sawing or being sawed?》and the exotic scenery of North Korea.

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