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Wang Luyan Art Museum


About the Curator:

Lóránd Hegyi

        Lóránd Hegyi is One of the foremost European curators and art historians. He is the former director of Musée d'art moderne et contemporain de Saint-Etienne and the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien .

About the Artist:


Wang Luyan

        Wang Luyan was born in 1956, and he has been a major participant in the developmental history of Chinese modern and contemporary art in the past 30 years. He participated in the "Star Exhibition" in 1979, the "Chinese Modern Art Exhibition" in 1989 and other important exhibitions with historical significance. In 1988, in cooperation with other artists, Wang Luyan completed the conceptual "Tactile Art" and established the "New Scale Group" (1988-1995). His main works focus on the paradoxical relationship between things, and have been exhibited in major galleries at home and abroad in the form of group exhibitions and large-scale solo exhibitions.


solo exhibitions:

2020 -《Curved Folding Space》Beijing Commune,Beijing,China

2019 -《The Walkers》 Whittier College(permanent display),Los Angeles California,America

2018 -《Corresponding Non-correspondence》 Beijing Commune,Beijing,China

2017 -《2017-2018 Wang Luyan》 Yalu River Art Museum,Dandong,China

2016 -《Communication》 The Space of DRC No.12,Beijing,China

2015 -《Yes》National Stadium, Beijing, China

2015 -《Wang Luyan》Alessandro Bagnai Gallery, Florence, Italy

2014 -《Wang Luyan》Museum of Art of Saint Etienne Métropole, saint-Etienne, France

2013 -《Wang Luyan: Diagramming Allegory》, Parkview Green Exhibition Hall, Beijing,China

2012 -《Paradox: Political Fable》,The University Of Chicago Beijing Center, Beijing, China

2011 -《Wang Luyan》,Gallery RX, Paris, France

2010 -《Wang Luyan 》, Total Museum, Seoul, South Korea

2009 -《Wang Luyan》, Gallery 604, Busan, South Korea

2008 -《Wang Luyan: The Other Side of Totality》, Joy Art, Beijing, China

2007 -《Sawing or Being Sawed?》, Arario Beijing, Beijing, China

2007 -《Sawing or Being Sawed?》, He Xiangning Art Museum, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen, China


       Wang Luyan art museum opened in 2017 is located on Moon Island on the Yalu River border between China and North Korea. It is only 500 meters away from the Korean border. It is the only art museum in the world which is located on the border. The exhibition area of the museum is 1400 square meters, and the outdoor exhibition area is 1900 square meters. Wang Luyan created large-scale works especially for the context of the museum. His sketches and manuscripts from the 1980s to now systematically demonstrate the artist's thinking mode, world view and creation methodology, and his speculative artistic concepts and unique artistic language are reflective and enlightening.


Part of his works


《Vertical Horizon》, 2300 x 860 x 640cm, steel plate, wood plate, oil marker, opening exhibition in hall no.1 of the Yalu River Museum , 2017


The individual uses vertical and horizontal transformations of each other-life is death, upright and inverted-the active world is the inverted world, and subject and projection-essence is non-essence, to confuse their choice and judgment.


Installation site of 《Vertical Horizon》, Opening exhibition in Hall No.1 of the Yalu River Art Museum, 2017


《Vertical Horizon》 sketch of hall No.1, 2017


《Concentrated Facer and Back-Turner》 1300×60×210cm, steel, corrugated cardboard, wall, 2017


More than 1,400 people made of corrugated cardboard, not exactly facing each other or facing away from each other, are suspended and squeezed together by giant cement pillars at each end, so that the individuals are condensed into a collective and the collective is confused into an individual.


The installation of 《Concentrated Facer and Back-Turner》was in progress


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